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We compensate for the lack of financial resources with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, but we cannot cover the costs of our concerts solely through ticket sales. Therefore, we appreciate any financial or moral support. There are various ways to contribute:

Donations and Sponsorship

You can support the choir as an official sponsor on a project basis or with a fixed annual amount. If you are interested in such a partnership, please contact Regular contributions are very valuable to us and our choir work. They simplify the annual budget and thus the planning and implementation of the choir’s upcoming projects. But one-time donations also help us! Either by bank transfer to our association account or via WeCanHelp or PayPal (see below).

Donations under €300 that are designated for statutory purposes, the receipt issued by us together with the bank’s booking confirmation (or the cash payment receipt) serves as a donation receipt for the tax office (from 2021, cf. § 50 para. 2 No. 2 b EStDV).

For donations of €300 or more that are designated for statutory purposes, we are authorized to issue donation confirmations according to the officially prescribed form (§ 50 para. 1 EStDV). If desired, we kindly ask you to provide the full name and address of the person to be noted on the donation confirmation when making the transfer or to write us especially with this request respectively.

Our partners and sponsors

Advertising and Program Booklets

Have you attended our concerts and been thrilled? Spread the word, write letters to the editor of the newspaper, bring friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues next time!

In our lovingly designed and professionally produced program booklets, there is also the opportunity to place advertisements; prices for this can be obtained upon request at


In addition to direct donations, you can also support the choir through online purchases:

Shopping via WeCanHelp at participating Shops.

Thank you for your support!
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